We are the specialists of industrial auxiliaries.

Industry overview

Paper – Pulp

  • Continuous development since 1950
  • Supplies to the leading European producers of paper and pulp
  • Products for all kinds of production processes

Apralon, Cobuphob, Conal, Glanapon

Wood based panel industry

  • In consequence of the experiences with the paper and pulp industry
    we have a continuous development since 1965
  • Supplies to the most important European chip and fibre board
  • Country-specific adaption of products

Bucolan, Glanapon


  • Continuous development since 1960
  • “Broad-band” preparations as well as many special products
  • Products of highest purity (e.g. FDA, Kosher) available

Coburon, Glanapon, Olindronal

Leather – Furs

  • Oldest line of the company – development since 1930
  • Current supplies world wide into the most important leatherproducing countries.
  • Synergistic deployment of natural and synthetic raw materials

Albolin, Bucotan, Conal, Olindol, Pelantol, Sultit, Sultostat

Textile care

  • Continuous development since 1955
  • Current adaption of our products to the newest solvents and cleaning technologies
  • Generally all chemicals for the professional cleaner

Alboxan, Apralon, Auropur, Coburon, Flarosol, Neocryl, Seconal, Wolponal

Wholesale and others

  • Wholesale with chemicals according to supplying programme
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Taylor made products e.g. emulsifiers, demulsifiers, wire drawing lubricants…

Emulgator, Glanapon, Rebus, Olindronal, Wolapon