Company profile

Our size as a typical SME allows highest flexibility in our production. Most of your orders are made from batch to batch: If tomorrow you want to have coloured your product from yellow to red, we easily can do this!

Specialising on all that products mentioned here makes us to a preferred “high volume” buyer at international “big players”, thus having a favourable raw material basis. This is an advantage we pass on to you.

Bussetti & Co GmbH. is 100% Austrian family owned. Considerations on foreign executive boards are unknown to us, nor do we have to follow e.g. foreign CEO-orders. – The only orders we know and we follow are the directives from you – our clients.

We have available a big variety of production vessels, from small 25 kg vessels to 36 tons reactors. – We are sure that there also is the right size for you.

Share Holder Value? Maximum Profit?
Here is our clear message: We are not interested in such moral concepts!

Our policy is long term oriented in the expansion of the company. Profits are reinvested in the renewal of our appliances, to extend and to improve them.

Here are some basic data of Bussetti & Co GmbH:

  • established in 1930
  • Production volume: approx. 16.000 tons of approx. 500 chemicals
  • Turnover: approx. 27 millions EUR
  • Staff: 75 employees

In short the company is the leading Austrian producers of the following auxiliaries for the industries mentioned below:

  • Defoamers for the paper-, pulp industry
  • Defoamers, separating agents and cleaners for the wood based panel industry
  • Defoamers and emulsifiers for biotechnological use (sugar-, alcohol-, pharma-, yeast and other fermentation industry)
  • Fatting agents and other auxiliaries for the leather and fur production
  • Auxiliaries for dry cleaning and textile care

Main assets:

  • Excellent product quality which is appreciated in more than 80 countries all over the world
  • Experience in the production of special auxiliaries for more than 75 years
  • Custom-made products, exactly meeting the customer ́s demands
  • ISO 9001 : 2000 certification
  • Kosher Certification following Beth Din of London (KLBD)


  • 1930: The company Gross, Bussetti & Co., based in Vienna, is created from the technical department of the
  • “Kaiserliche & Königliche Ölindustrie AG” (imperial and royal oil industry AG)
  • 1952: Production capacity is expanded with a branch in Marchtrenk in the province Upper Austria
  • 1975: Bussetti becomes a GmbH (Limited Liability Company). The product portfolio now encompasses a broad range of chemical and technical industry auxiliaries
  • 1986: General renovation of the company’s own hydroelectric power plant
  • 1990: Production capacities at the plant in Marchtrenk are further extended, the company is active in more than 80 countries around the world
  • 1992: As one of the first Austrian chemical companies we get ISO 9001 Qm certified
  • 1994: Upgrading the waste water treatment facilities resulting in a purity level of 98,6 %
  • 1998: Further modernization of our technical facilities
  • 2002: Establishment of tank storage facilities with sealed collecting basins
  • 2003: ISO 9001/2000 certification and introduction of a quality management system
  • 2005: Accurate renovation of the 19th century facade of the former “Walterspinning mill” today used as warehouse. A new factory access road is built and export rate reaches a new peak of 80 %
  • 2008-2010: Enhancement of production capacities to 15.000 tons p.a. through investment and further development in the fields of sulfation and esterification
  • 2012: Commissioning of the new warehouse with 1500 storage spaces for pallets and a modern flood barrier safety System
  • 2018: Successful ISO 14001/2015 environmental management certification and recertification of ISO9001/2015 quality management